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The Swell Fit Bag (patent pending) is your all-in-1 Gym.

Fill it with water to provide strength and instability training from 1 – 10kg.

The power of instability training increases muscle activation with every move. Enabling you to level up any workout from Amrap to Yoga! Whether you HIIT, CROSS-FIT, do Pilates or Yoga, the SWELL FIT BAG has infinite moves.

The Swell Fit Bag comes with exclusive access to our "Start with Strength" Program with 16 easy-to-follow, real time 20-25 minute workouts for Upper, Lower, Core and Total Body, along with online PT support to ensure you get off to a great start. 

Workout in the comfort of your own home, or the great outdoors, The Swell Fit Bag packs down to 35 x 22 cm so you can store and workout whenever, wherever.  Reduces home gym clutter packing into its own sleek storage bag.

The Swell Fit Bag is ideal for:

  • Building strength, mobility and flexibility.
  • Complementing weight loss and overall fitness regimes.
  • Supporting rehabilitation and injury prevention.
  • Enhance the mind-muscle connection and helps mindful workouts.
  • Workout safely and progressively with weight – it’s a great tool for people new to resistance and weight training.

Materials and Features:

  • Body material uses ultra-strong, tear-resistant, shock-resistant, puncture-proof ballistic outer shield (the same grade used in sea rescue boats) providing strength and versatility.
  • Its inner Swell Air jacket (patent pending) creates a protective cover for the weight, making it more safe to work out with versus conventional weights and providing a soft, responsive feel in use.
  • Two double inflation valves providing fast pump-free inflation. Use the biggest value for fast fit to 80% and then detail via the second smaller valve to enable you to fill precisely to your desired level of inflation and comfort.
  • Opening both large values simultaneously offers rapid deflation in seconds enabling full mobility and rapid set up and pack down.
  • Leak-proof water inlet with double protection of “click close” value and water tight outer fastening.
  • The Swell Fit Bag design offers you ultimate control the water weight fill level allowing safe and progressive increases of weight in minute detail (1ml = 1g / 1L = 1 kg).
  • Listen to your body, build your water weight slowly, and consult your Dr or Physio when you start any new fitness regime. 

The Swell Fit bag is the ultimate fitness tool supporting development of workouts of all generes including; Cross Fit Training, Core Strength Training, HIIT Workouts, Body Conditioning, Weight-loss support, boosting Pilates and Yoga Postures, use as Yoga Bolster and Posture and mobility support.

Due to it’s compact size and carry case, it can also be used in a range of travel and for fitness in small space lotions e.g. apartments,  hotel room, camper van and boat-based workouts.  


When fully inflated - 550 mm length X 200 mm diameter

Swell Fit Bag - When packed in carry case  - 350 mm length X 220 mm wide X 100 mm high


Outer layer 600D CSM material with high tactile layered mesh for extra reinforcement. 

Inner layer TPU 

Handles tubular webbing


Our team will dispatch your product next working day wherever possible. If you are in any way unhappy with your purchase, you can return your product for a full refund. 

Our are always here for you to answer any questions.


Clean with warm water and a damp cloth. Ensure when using in the sea, you clean off all salt water. When submerging your Swell-Fit Bag ensure air valves are securely closed. If water gets in these valves, just open both valves and shakes out and leave valves open to dry. 


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