Our commitment to our Planet and its Swell beings by Martin Colegate and Nel Coupe 

Swell Fitness Founders Martin and Nel hard at work on a SWELL PLAN

It can feel daunting to build a brand. Our shared vision is clear, but the magnitude of change we wanted to create, feels like a tidal wave. But every wave, starts with a tiny ripple. This is our start at making things, SWELL. At putting the planet and its swell-beings the heart, from the start.

It started this way. Inspired by the beauty of Cleethorpes sand dunes. The feeling of being by the SWELL, makes you feel it. The imperative to preserve it, for the future generations is always irresistible to us.

Our own Swellness (fitness and wellbeing), can only come hand in hand with that of the place we live. In taking care of the wellbeing of the swell that inspires us, of the forests we love so much, and to support all the adventures we want to have in the wild.

We are making a SWELL Plan. We don’t have all the answers, we can’t make all the change we want, as fast as we want. But we have a clear intent, and with your help, we will make it happen over the time, as we grow.

We can promise to be brave, bold and fearless along the way. Changing the tide is never going to be easy. But we will take it one day at a time. We will review our progress, check that we are making big enough waves, and update you.

So, for now, here are the first 4 steps of our SWELL PLAN:

  1. SWELL Progress is REGENERATIVE commerce. We can’t make a difference if we just make it neutral. How can that be progress? To create a SWELL future, we must give back more than we take to make it.
  2. SWELL Commerce is ALTRUISTIC. We have a simple structure, to ensure we can make bold decisions needed to make a difference. So, 51% of our profit will be committed to achieving our regenerative commerce ambition and finding the projects that will help preserve the SWELL for our future generations. We will put focus on our coastal communities and their special potential to help. We will be seeking partner organisations that can support this and will keep you posted. The rest of our profits will be distributed to support SWELL’s growth and our swell-beings.
  3. SWELL Fitness is SUSTAINABLE. In everything that we do, we will seek efficiency in use of the world’s resources, and ease of recycling and transformation into the energy’s next manifestation. When we need to use plastics to deliver function e.g. in the SWELL FIT BAG, we have and will seek to commit to materials that are enduring in use, to support a lifetime of Swellness (fitness and wellness). Where possible, we will use materials reclaimed from our oceans to further support the preservation of the SWELL.
  4. SWELL Fitness is HUMAN. Our brand is human, as it’s made by humans - our swell-beings. We want to empower Swellness in everyone. This means taking steps to debunk the useless myths about what fitness and wellness means, and the way we need to work to achieve it. We believe all Swell beings are unique and special, we believe everyone has a unique journey to swellness, and a unique way of working to help them reveal their true potential. We are here to support this and you, whether you work with us, or we can help you on your journey. 

This statement should not feel bold, it should feel simply, SWELL. If it seems radical, we make no apology, as this means we must have work to do.

We will be working on it, everyday. Practice doesn’t make irrelevant perfection, but in can help make permanent, positive change. We will update you regularly as we make waves, and after every anniversary of our trading SWELL-iversary.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and get your help. Our swellbeings@swellfitness.co.uk are always here for you.

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