1. If filling for first first time, remove from packaging.

2. Unscrew cap counter-clockwise to reveal the SWELL FILL CLICK valve (shown here on the left)

3. Press central button to click into filing position (When this button is clicked down, water can be added, when up, water can be emptied).

4. Add Water to build your SWELL FIT BAG weight.

5. Press SWELL FILL CLICK valve to close.

6. Screw Cap closed (turn clockwise) to seal your water weight in.


Take it easy Tiger! 1ml = 1g, so start light, listen to your body, track your progress, and progress your weight safely. For precision in water weight tracking, use a jug to weigh your load before adding.


1. Pull out SWELL AIR inflation valve from your bag.

2. Start inflating through the biggest valve, when you reach the feeling of 80% inflation, close the big value.

3. Finish inflation by using the small valve - you need to pinch this valve between your thumb and forefinger to open it.

4. BLOW your SWELL FIT BAG up to full inflation.

5. Close the SWELL AIR inflation valve and push it back into it's housing.

Our SWELL Air inflation valve has been designed for super fast inflation and deflation, when you are ready to deflate, just open the large valve and roll-fold your SWELL FIT BAG up and you're done - it's ready to go back in it's SWELL FIT BAG-BAG :).

Our SWELL AIR Inflation jacket (Patent pending) not only protects the water from ever leaking, but also hugs the water, meaning you can control how the water moves, progress your water load, and benefit from instability training as you find your moves..


With your H20 on board, and your SWELL AIR jacket inflated, you are ready to Workout-out and find your moves with the SWELL FIT BAG - go wild! The only limit is your imagination - and we would love for you to share that with us via #swellfit with our swellbeings@swellfitness.co.uk or via @swellfitness_uk


After your workout, you can choose to leave your Swell Fit Bag set up, or collapse and store. 

If you’re working out everyday, it can be easier to leave inflated . Leave it in a dry, well-ventilated space. Handles can get sweaty and will need air circulation to dry between workouts. 


To store your Swell Fit Bag, follow these simple steps.

1. Open the water chamber and push the click release valve to open. 

2. Empty water out – we like to water our plants! We know you’re not daft, but never drink water from inside your bag. 

3. Open both large air valves to enable maximum speed of deflation.

4. Press the bag with both hands to release air. Once deflated, close both values and water outlet for storage. 

5. Check your bag to ensure free of any water drips from emptying. 

To be stored in the bag the handles and body of the bag should be dry, so if the handles are still wet from working out, then leave your collapsed bag out to dry before storing. 

6. Once dry, roll up, ensuring the water inlet is in the middle to protect it. Place you bag back into its carry case. Store in a dry, well-ventilated area.  


Q: What do I do if I get water inside the SWELL AIR jacket?

A: No worries! This is why we have two air valves. Open both and position the bag so the water can drain out. Allow time for the water to completely drain out and dry.

Q: Can I use it in the sea?

A: Yes your bag is your new best friend. Bath with it, walk with it, swim with it. (Disclaimer, the SWELL FIT BAG is fit, but don't depend on it to take you back to shore! Swim in the sea at your own risk, the sea is powerful, the Swell can be fierce!) Please be sure to wash the salt water off after any sea adventures with your SWELL FIT BAG.

Q: Help! I can't open the air valves.

A: You need to train more haha! On a serious note, our valves are very sturdy, if you can't open them with your nails, try using a blunt utensil. Be careful not to pierce your precious SWELL FIT BAG though!

Q: Help! I can't see the water levels?

A: These windows are only rough guides to the weight inside. The best way to accurately measure your weight is to use a measuring jug. 1ml = 1 g. We are always learning :)

Q: How much water do I put in?

We recommend you start light. This form of instability resistance training activates twice the muscle as normal. Start light and have fun, get used to how it feels and moves then add weight gradually. Remember, consistency wins every time, do little often, keep it fun and you're less likely to make excuses when it comes to being active.

Q: How do I clean my SWELL FIT BAG?

A: Warm water and a sponge will do!

Q: Where do I find workout ideas?
Head to our SWELL TUBE Channel and follow some of our workouts. Come on, we know you got the moves!! Share them with us via #swellfit to our swellbeings@swellfitness.co.uk or via @swellfitness_uk